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Apparently there is a movement afoot to encourage knitters/crocheters/fibre artists to show off all their handmade lovelies by snapping a selfie of themselves wearing handmade goodies and then posting the selfies to social media with the hashtag #WearYourKnitting.

I happen to do this all the time without the hashtag.  I will be adding the hashtag going forward.

Here are a few recent knitting selfies I have posted to Instagram and Twitter:

Wearing my "Wisp" cowl from Knitty Magazine (Yarn by MythicYarn)

Wearing my 'Striped Study Shawl' by Veera Valmaki (Yarn is KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Springtime and Kindling)

Wearing a bulky, Alpaca, dropped stitch cowl (one of the designs that will be featured in an upcoming book - Yay)

I also post a lot of handmade sock selfies. My Instagram feed is basically yarn and knitting porn and my Twitter Feed is mostly the random thoughts that pop into my head with a spattering of knitting and yarn porn. 

I hope I see more fibre enthusiasts using the #WearYourKnitting Hashtag. 

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  1. Oh, that bulky Alpaca dropped stitch cowl is divine! I love that you wear your stitching. That's something I'm trying to get into... wear the finished objects of my designs. It fills me with dread, 'cos I'm afraid I'm going to a)mess them up and b) LOOSE THEM!!! (gak!) The #wearyourknitting campaign is a knitting therapy for me.