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With Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, my thoughts have turned to love - and by love I mean socks with hearts on them!

I have cast on 3 times for these socks.  I had envisioned a very different, larger heart motif, but it did not translate from my head to the needles very well, which is often the case so I have learned to integrate these false starts into the knitting process.  I try to accept them for what they are and not take it personally or punish the project by putting it in time out.

This is very bright yarn. It is the 'Brights' series of yarns by KnitPicks Stroll.  I love KnitPicks yarns, the colours and quality are excellent and shipping is quick and reasonable.  Shipping is a big consideration for me since shipping to Canada tends to be an expensive and sometimes lengthy process.  KnitPicks did not compensate me in anyway to say nice things, this is my honest, unsolicited opinion.

These socks are super quick to knit because the colourwork is done using mosaic knitting instead of stranded knitting.  That's right, no stranded knitting.  Mosaic knitting uses slipped stitches to achieve colourwork patterns - so you only work one colour at a time.  One colour per row = fast project.  I am thinking of writing up this design, but have not made up my mind for sure.  This design would also make adorable mittens or a hat.

I am using an afterthought heel on this sock.  You can see the scrap yarn in the photo that is currently in place of where the heel will go.  I am usually a heel flap and gusset kind of girl, but I think the afterthought heel will be more aesthetically pleasing in this case.  Still trying to decide if I want to add any hearts to the top of the foot.  That might be heart overkill.  The hearts go all the way around the leg of the sock.

Here is a picture of the front of the leg.  Hearts everywhere.

I might have to make a second pair of these; now my Husbeast wants a pair.  He loves loud socks.  He is an uber-conservative investment banking type but under his conservative dark suit, if you look down toward his feet he wears the funkiest socks he can find - which is probably why we get along so well; I fill his need for awesome-funky socks and he fills my need for someone who will wear my awesome-funky socks.

I have not decided on a name for these socks yet.  If you have any ideas let me know.  If I use your suggestion for a name, I will gift you a copy of the pattern.
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  1. I like the design. It would look great as a mitts as well.