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My Precious

I went to a new knitting group last night.  I met lots of awesome, nice knitters, had a yummy hot chocolate with a cookie and the entire evening was lovely!

One of the knitters, Lynne, gave me this adorable project bag (!)

I love it.   It is made by Zig Zag stitches and is lined with red polka dot fabric.  I am not usually smitten by cutesy knitting notions, but I am seriously smitten with this little project bag. It currently holds the Husbeast's Doctor Who socks. 

I also brought these three lovelies home with me:
My friend, Anna from Mythic Yarn (she is on Etsy) is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I jumped all over these three beauties. the plum colour will become a hat to match my "Wisp" Cowl (which was made from the same yarn)

 and the two chocolates are going to become a large shawl/wrap. Chocolate brown is my favourite neutral. It is my black. 

This is the first yarn purchase I have made since cyber Monday which is a long time in knitting years, so I am kind of proud of that. 
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