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A Knitting Themed Christmas

While I was out grocery shopping last week, I came across these lovelies...

That would be a knitting themed table cloth and some knitting themed napkins. I was so excited, that I bought lots of both!  (For my Canadian friends, I found them at Real Canadian Superstore and have since been told that they have also been spotted at Loblaws.)

I immediately started texting the friends and family who will be joining us for Christmas this year. Weirdly, they were not excited.  Go figure.

As it happens, I am the only yarnie in my family and group of friends, so there will be no one here on Christmas day to share in my excitement; but I won't let that stop me!

I have gotten out my knitting themed wrapping paper:
The photo is a bit fuzzy (sorry about that), but that is a stockinette pattern on the left and a fair isle pattern on the right.  I picked these up at Target last Christmas just before Target went out of business in Canada.  I have more.  Lots more.

I have half-jokingly been telling everyone that I am going to plan a full blown knit themed Christmas this year.  I have threatened them with  joked about:

  • Centre-pull skeins of yarn instead of Christmas crackers.(though there are nice patterns to knit your own Christmas crackers).  
  • Each centre-pull skein will contain a joke, a knitted crown and a small knitting notion (stitchmarkers, point protectors, etc.)
  • Instead of cutlery, we can all use chopsticks in the form of bamboo knitting needles.
  • Our family already has a knitted advent calendar - 24 mini stockings that I knit and embroidered with numbers.  
  • knitted wine cozies for the table
  • A knitted centrepiece.
  • Knitting themed games like 'What Animal am I?' where players fondle yarn samples and try to guess the species.  Bonus points for specific breeds like guessing Corriedale instead of just guessing sheep.
  • Or we could give everyone needles and yarn and make up gauge numbers and the first person to get gauge wins.  (too much?)
Am I missing anything?  What would you include in your knitting themed Christmas?

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