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My Knitterly Bucket List

So, I am still in a rut, and while I can only knit on one project right now, I can at least dream about other knitterly things.

Knitting is a big part of my life and influences the other aspects of my life. I am pretty sure if we looked at a strand of my DNA under a microscope there would be a few cashmere and merino fibres woven in there amongst the genetic markers.

As a result of my yarnie inclinations,  many of the items on my mental bucket list are knitting related. If I had all the time and all the money, these are some of the things I would do, aka: My Knitterly Bucket List:
1.  I really want to go to Rhinebeck. This a a fibre enthusiasts paradise full of other yarn-minded people walking around in beautiful Rhinebeck Sweaters and not judging eachother for all the yarn and fibre purchases everyone is making.  My friend Sarah of The Canadian Knitter Podcast is going this year and I am happy and jealous for her at the same time.  This festival always happens at a busy time of year for me, but I am hopeful that one day my schedule will clear, the planets will align and I will go to Rhinebeck, New York and commune with my people.

2. I want go to WEBS.  This goal is far more likely as it is not limited to two days of the year like Rhinebeck and I could probably convince the Husbeast that there would be other things to do in the greater Boston area besides go to WEBS so we could make a get-away out of it.

3.  I want to knit all the things in my Ravelry queue.  This is a tough one.  My queue is like a living entity; it constantly grows and changes.  It usually sits between 200-300 items.  When it exceeds 300, I ruthlessly cull it back and then start adding again.  It changes with my tastes, my wardrobe needs, basically on a whim.

4.  I want to knit one of those sock yarn blankets that everyone seems to be knitting now.  I have boxes (not an understatement) of scrap sock yarn that I have been holding onto for years just for this purpose.  It is difficult for me to justify knitting on a mitred square when at any given time I have at least 3 other WIPs on the go and at least one of them seems to always have a deadline attached to it.

5. I want to go to the Edinburgh Fibre Festival.  No justification required.  Though I think this is a trip best suited for when the kidlets are older.

6.  I want to be part of a yarnbomb project or possibly a knitting flash mob (if such a thing exists).  But, as with #4, I have trouble justifying the time away from my other WIPs to make that happen.

7. I want FiloFax to design a knit-themed cover-story organizer (preferably in pocket size with 19mm rings and the wallet pocket) so that I can buy it and add it to my Filofax obsession collection.  This one kind of looks like knit stitches, but not enough to convince me to buy it.

8. I want to learn to sew so I can make pretty project bags.

9. I want to attend a weekend knitting retreat somewhere scenic and lovely.  As with #5, this is best suited for when my kidlets are older and our family schedule settles down a bit.

10. I want one of these or these.

What's on your Knitterly Bucket List?

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  1. #1 and #5 are on my list too! I can help with #8. Project bag sewing night at my house one night this summer!