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In a Rut

This is what 480 rows looks like after it has been frogged. 

I am in a bit of a knitting rut right now.  I have been working on a design for which the rights have been purchased by a publisher.  Because the rights have been purchased, I cannot show any good photos of it.  But I have a few not-so-good-photos. 

When I initially conceived of and submitted the idea, I loved it and was super excited to make the swatch and schematic I created into a full-sized FO.  

But when I started working on it, nothing went right: the lace pattern was not *exactly* how I envisioned it (8 tries later the lace is ace!), then the proportion of the garment was off (think I have finally fixed that now), and now one of the edges is curling in a way that kind of makes my eye twitch but I keep whispering to myself, 'it will work itself out when I block it' (which is one of the many knitting-related lies I tell myself).  If it does not block out, I will cry, drink wine and add an applied edging. Failing that the curling edge will be declared a "design element" and I will get on with my life and other knitting projects. 
This is an early attempt at the lace design I was working on.  

This is the final version in progress. 

This yarn has been frogged so many times it is starting to look weird. I am now convinced this project is cursed and I am not allowing myself to knit on anything else until it is off my needles and blocking. So I have made no progress in any other projects this week.  At all.  I am almost halfway through this thing and if I can stay focused and disciplined I can be done by this time next week.  I just have to stop distracting myself with housework, cooking and buying Filofaxes.  Yes, it's gotten so painful that I have allowed myself to be distracted by cooking and cleaning. This is the cleanest my house has been since we moved in. My new Filofax hasn't arrived yet, but I am hoping to finish this project before it shows up so it will feel like a reward when it gets here. Also I have made up a drinking game where I get to have a drink after a certain number of repeats.  The struggle to finish this is real.  
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