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Pattern Crush

Like many knitters, I find myself with more pattern crushes than time to knit all my pattern crushes.

This is especially true lately when I have found myself so busy with design work that I have hardly any time for selfish knitting and my dream of a closet full of hand knit sweaters seems like it will never come true.

Here are some gorgeous designs that I have been drooling over; not all of them are recent releases, but they are gorgeous and I want to knit them all...

  1. Elliewood by Laura Aylor - this is my ideal fall-weather-dog-walking sweater.  It has fingerless mitts built in, a kangaroo style pouch for holding my cell phone and a warm cozy neck to keep me toasty.  I love this design.  
  2. Anja's Hat by Karina Maza-Gildea - I love this style of hat.  Sadly, I inherited my Father's large viking head and the mass-produced hats of this style don't fit me very well, but this one will fit me perfectly beacause it will be custom made by me for me :)
  3. Moscow Mule by Michelle Meyer - Shrugs are not usually my style, but this one with the simple detailing on the edges really appeals to me.  I think it would look great with a tank top and jeans.  
  4. Corset Tank Top by Annie Modesitt - sexy much?  With a black pencil skirt and high heel ankle boots.  Hawt.  
  5. Sleeve Scarf Sweater Wrap by Lake House Knits - versatile, gorgeous and different. I like to knit things that you would not find in a department store, and this meets that criteria.  
  6. Maisie by Hanna Maciejewska - Love the lace detail and love the pouch-pocket in the front.  I love those pockets because I always have my cell phone with me and always need somewhere to put it.  
  7. Skimmer Socks by Sheila Toy Stromberg - These are perfect for wearing with flats.  Or as a second layer inside your winter boots.  These would also be great gifts. 
  8. Off the Shoulder Pullover by Vladmir Teriokhin - This is so versatile - you can dress it up, dress it down - it's beautiful.
  9. Deep V-Neck Sweater by Purl Soho - I would wear it backwards with the deep v in the back.  
  10. Wink by Hanna Maciejewska - this will be next on my needles when I finally finish the Cecily Twinset that I am knitting now.  
Do you have any pattern crushes?  Enable me Share them with me. 

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