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WIP Wednesday

I had an almost completed sock to show you, then my tech editor found a significant issue with the design so I had to frog it and start again.  This is how far I have gotten on the most recent cast-on:
I have also been diligently knitting away on my super-secret magazine design.  I am very happy with how it is turning out and it is driving me nuts that I cannot show it off: 

I have not touched my Cecily Twinset, Hitchhiker or my son's socks, but I have a plan!  

Starting now I have a knitting schedule.  A loose schedule, not an hour-by-hour strict schedule.  My plan is to only knit on design projects from Monday to Friday and then only knit on personal projects from Friday night to Sunday night.  I think this is a good plan.  Balance is an ongoing challenge for me, but I love a good routine, so this should give me a more balanced knitting life.   

If my plan works, next WIP Wednesday should have more photos.  Wish me luck. 
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