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Cable Needle Freedom

This weekend, I cabled for the first time without a cable needle.  This is probably not a huge deal to most of you, but for me it is a big step outside of my knitting comfort zone!

I am what's known as an 'early adapter' in many areas of my life.  I love new technology, new gadgets, new smartphones with cool new features, I love that stuff, but I am not an early adapter knitting wise.  My inner knitter has a very old soul.  I am resistant to change when it comes to knitting.  I did not take well to magic loop, knitting in the round with two sets of circular needles or Cat Bordhi's Moebius cast-on  (that last one literally caused me to drink).  While I am still a relatively young person, I have been knitting for a long time and I still use the techniques and tools that were taught to me by my Grandmother.  So cabling without a cable needle is kind of huge for me.   

I will never again face the dilemma of , "I really want to work on my project, but my cable needle is over there and the pets and I are really comfortable right here and I don't want to disturb them".

Also I tend to lose cable needles at the same rate I lose stitch markers (remarkably quickly) so I have stopped buying them and use spare DPNs, hair clips, toothpicks, whatever I can improvise at that moment.

A big Thank You to Joeli at Joeli's Kitchen for her Cabling without a needle video tutorial (I will link to it below):
How have you stepped out of your knitting comfort zone lately?
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