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WIP Wednesday

I spent most of my week working on this:
It feels like 90% of this project is seaming and it is like being sent to some kind of knitting purgatory where all you get to do is seam stuff.  This is the last pic you will see of this.  Thank goodness.  Can you tell I don't like this project?  It lives in the cardboard box it arrived in and I am happy to be shipping it out over the next couple of days. 

I have also been working on a top-secret magazine project.  This project makes me happy.   It is meditative knitting - my favourite kind:
And I am not sure if I made any progress on my son's socks.  I honestly cannot remember if I have had them out of their project bag this week:
I think they look the same, but will post a pic just in case.  Hopefully next week these socks will see some action.

I hope you have had a happy and fulfilling knitting week! What are you working on?
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