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Seam Avoidance

I don't like seaming.  I hate it.   I don't mind weaving in ends, blocking or other tasks related to finishing a knitted item, but I really dread seaming.  This is one area of knitting where I lack confidence.

I dislike seaming so much, that if I fall in love with a pattern that requires seaming I go to a lot of time and effort to re-work the entire pattern to avoid seaming.  I spend more time avoiding seams than just sucking it up and sewing them.

This weekend I found myself in a situation where seam-avoidance was not possible.  I am working on a sample for a yarn company (their design, not mine) so I have to follow the pattern exactly as written, and this particular pattern has a lot of seams.

Here is a small seam as shown from the right side of the garment:
My Grandmother (who taught me to knit) did amazing seams.  I lack her finesse.

Here is the same seam as shown from the wrong side of the garment:
I actually think the wrong side looks better than the right side.  

Is there something in knitting that you hate to do? Something you actually avoid?

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  1. I totally agree with you. If it needs to be seamed, I probably won't knit it. It's the first thing I look at in a pattern, whether it is seamless or not.

    1. I do that too - I discriminate against seams. I would love to be a more confident seam-er, but I dread the practice it would take to make that happen.