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WIP Wednesday - New Orleans Edition

I am in New Orleans right now.  We are having a blast.  The weather could have been better, but we have had a fabulous time nonetheless.

Pardon the iPhone photos, my real camera is at home.

I managed to add a few teeth to my Hitchhiker on the flight down:
My hitchhiker has 32 teeth - only 10 more to go. Weird fact: I can knit in my sleep.  Yup.  I dozed off on the plane while knitting this and apparently kept on knitting.  In pattern. It provided some in-flight entertainment for passengers sitting near me. I'm not sure if I am proud or sad that knitting is so ingrained in me that I can do it in a reduced state of consciousness.

I also finished one sock for my son:
I have cast on the second sock.  I will put this in my carry on for the flight home, and I will try to stay awake while I work on it.  Flying always makes me sleepy. 

I hope you have had a happy knitting week. What are you working on? 
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