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Knitterly Pet Peeves

I love my craft.  It is meditation in motion for me.  A mental retreat from the chaos of life, but knit happens and there are aspects of it that make my right eye twitch.

I have knitterly pet peeves:

  • I hate when the dye from yarn transfers to my hands.  This is happening to me right now with the socks I am making for my son, the dark blue dye is transferring to my hands so when I put the sock down, I look like I just strangled a smurf.
  • When the dye from yarn transfers to my bamboo needles.  Luckily, I am using dark coloured metal needles on this sock, so I cannot see the dye transfer to the needles.  In my experience, dye-transfer to lightly coloured, wooden needles is a one-way street and the dye never comes off.  If you have a tip or trick for getting dye transfer off of wooden needles, please let me know so I can spread the word.  
  • When dye runs when you are soaking your FO (do you see a trend here?  I have a lot of dye-related issues).  When I made my Regina shawl,  the red bled into the grey when I was bathing it.   I was able to get most of the red dye out of the grey, but there are still a couple of pinkish areas on the grey if you look closely.   I will soak the sock I am currently working on in a vinegar/water bath to try and set the dye a bit more and hopefully avoid the darker blue bleeding into the lighter colours. 
  • Knotty Skeins.  I abhor knotty skeins.  I understand that yarn has to end somewhere, so I am pretty forgiving of one knot per 100 gram skein (depending on weight - it is less acceptable, in my opinion,  for heavier yarn weights where there is less yardage per skein), but more than one knot will usually result in me complaining to the yarn company.  This is especially irksome when the yarn is patterned or self-striping and the knot interferes with the pattern/stripe sequence and I end up losing valuable knitting time, cutting and joining yarn together to keep the pattern/stripe sequence intact. 
  • When the walls of a centre-pull ball of yarn collapse.  This is why I prefer to start with the outside of the ball; that collapse near the end of the skein almost always results in knots for me to undo.  
  • Splitty yarn.  When yarn is splitty, it requires extra attention even when it is a simple stitch pattern and I like simple stitch patterns because they are passive and I can knit on auto-pilot. 
  • When the joins on circular needles snag the yarn - no explanation needed.  
What are your knitterly pet peeves?

Happy Knitting! 

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