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Knitting Organization

I am one of those people. The ones who have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. The one who has a tantrum when people (kids) use her stuff then do not return it to its assigned place.  

My inner sense of order is a strong force; suffice it to say that it extends to every area of my life, including knitting.  Here is what my knitting organization looks like:

This is my WIP box,
My WIPs live here most of the time.  One is currently in my purse because I had appointments over the past few days which involved lots of waiting/knitting opportunities.  It stores neatly under the table beside my favourite knitting chair.  Note that I said "favourite" knitting chair, because, let's face it, every chair is a knitting chair if you try hard enough. 

Once a week (Monday's) I go through the WIP basket and put away whatever I am not using: left over scrap yarn, needles I was using for swatching, bags and notions from projects I completed through the week, etc. 

Then I add any new projects I plan to cast on this week complete with their own bag as and notions kits.  I put aside anything that requires blocking or finishing of any kind, then put my WIP basket back under the table beside my favourite knitting chair. 

This is where my stash, needles and notions live:
We call it,"The Yarn Room". All those cubbies are housing yarn. Baskets on the top left house notion kits ready to be put in WIP bags and needles are stored on the right in cases and an accordion file.   There are some random body parts on the floor that I use for styling FOs. 

I keep some frequently referenced knitting books in here along with a few knitting bags and some knitting themed wrapping paper. 
The other side of that closet has more yarn, sewing supplies (up high, out of the picture) and a few project bags. 
In this corner, I keep blocking supplies and a few mannequin parts:
Blocking of smaller items usually happens on my desk, larger blocking endeavours happen on the floor.
 Excuse the mess, this desk is also my actual desk and I am gearing up for a day of paperwork tomorrow.  It will be clean and tidy after that. 

So that's pretty much it for knitting organization.  I would love to see pics of you craft areas, if you'd like to share. 
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