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Coming Soon, Sweater Progress and some Knitting Nostalgia

I have decided to publish Gitter:

Lots of knitters have asked me for the pattern, so I have written it, graded it for multiple sizes and it is currently with the tech editor.  It should be ready to go next week.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have made progress on my Cecily Twinset:
I have separated for the sleeves, the bust darts are done and I am a few more rows away from the first lace section - Yay! This is the first pattern I have made by designer Snowden Becker and I must say it is wonderfully written.  Easy to follow directions, and lots of instructions to customize the fit.  For example, how to add more or fewer bust darts depending on your bust size, how to make the sweater narrower or fuller in the mid-section.  I love when designers acknowledge and accommodate for the fact that the majority of us do not fit neatly into a standardized sizing chart.  That's the whole point of knitting our own garments, right? Customization.

Also these little scrap blanket squares are totally addictive and seem to multiply like bunnies:
Knitting these little squares is like pulling out an old photo album - I reach into the bag, pull out a ball of leftover sockyarn and reminisce about the project I once knit with that yarn: where it is now, who I gave it to,  how much I enjoyed (or not) making it, where I got the yarn, who dyed it...it's all very nostalgic.
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