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WIP Wednesday

I am happily working on my second rainbow sock. The first one has been blocked but I still have to weave in those pesky ends.

I am getting ready to cast-on a Rainbow Dash inspired sock design.  Rainbow Dash was my kids' favourite Pony from the My Little Pony franchise.   I cast on once already, but the colours weren't right and I wasn't feeling the design so I re-worked the colours, re-charted the design and I think I am ready to go.  

I spent most of Saturday binding off Cecily.  Seriously, I started at lunch time and finished at 7pm - I knit 4 rows of garter stitch and binded off.  I am happy to have the 750 stitches off my needles.  I need to pick up for the sleeves which feels like a treat compared to the lace edging.  

I have a concern with the bottom front corners of the cardigan.  Do you see how they are bunched up? That bunching is kind of freaking me out a little bit.  I am tempted to block the sweater before I pick up for the sleeves.  Is that a good idea?  I don't knit a lot of sweaters, so I would appreciate your opinion.  The sleeve stitches are on waste yarn, so they will survive a bath(I think).  I just really want to pin the lace edging open and see if the bottom corners relax and open up without any bunching. 
 What do you think? Can I safely block before I pick up for the sleeves?

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