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It has been two years (at least) since I last knit a sweater. I don't knit from patterns very often.    I remember it well, it was Nanook by Heidi Kirrmaier.  It is a beautiful sweater and the icord type edge that she uses in the design is really neat.   Here are a couple of photos of my Nanook modelled by the lovely Stella (my dress form):

So after a two year hiatus I decided to cast on another sweater and lo and behold it happens to be by the same designer.  This time I am making Tea with Jam and Bread .  I think Heidi's designs are beautiful and use shaping techniques that make the garment flattering on me.

I am using an oatmeal colour as the main colour, a green as the contrast colour and a beautiful deep plum as the accent colour:

The collar and yoke knit up super quick and I am getting really excited to wear it.  In the pattern, she links to a short row tutorial that has changed the way I will do short rows from now on.  It uses yarn-overs in place of wrap and turns.  This seems much more intuitive to me than the other short row methods I have tried.   I hope to have this sweater finished by the end of  February.  Here are a couple of pics of the the neck, shoulders and yoke on Stella:

Are they a bit blurry? Sorry about that.  Those are iPhone photos.  Everything is blurry to me right now - I am not wearing my contacts and my glasses are on the end table across the room.

On another topic, I am still posting #WearYourKnitting sefies to Instagram and Twitter whenever I remember  possible. Well, KnitEcoChic has made a button that I am going to add to my sidebar to remind everyone to wear their knitting and brag about it on social media!
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