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WIP Wednesday

I turned the heel on my rainbow sock.  I love these socks.  Rainbows make me smile.  I used a simple short row heel - rainbow of course.  I am hoping the self-striping will line-up so that the toe will be rainbow as well.  I could cut the yarn and force it, but I am too lazy to go to that much effort. 

This is my Cecily jacket with 674 stitches on the needles (not a typo).  That is a lot of stitches.  I am on the lace border now.  I have had to move the project to a 40inch circular needle and it takes me almost an hour to knit one row (and drink a glass of wine).  I have been trying it on as I go, and so far so good.  

Also I finished a sock sample.  

This is a cuff down sock that uses a simple drop stitch design on the front and ribbing on the back.  It is very stretchy.  I made the sample in my own size (I make all sample my size) and it is too big.  I have graded the pattern for an extra size because I think most knitters will have to knit down a size. It is with the tech editor now and I hope to start testing later this week. 

I hope you have had a great knitting week.  I would love to hear about and see what you have been working on.  

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