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WIP Wednesday

My Cecily Jacket has gotten lots of love this week.  I am 11 rows from being finished the body of the cardigan.  This is good news for you because instead of hearing me complain about how long it's taking me to knit the body, you get to hear me complain about knitting the sleeves.  It will be a nice change for you ;)

This is what it looks like with over 700 (fingering weight) stitches and 69 stitch markers.

I finished the sample for my new design, Moriarty.  I still have a few ends to weave in.  The pattern is being tested by some super-patient testers who are helping to work out some glitches in the heel.  I always get the best testers.  If you like knitting socks and would be earburned on Ravelry for future testing opportunities, contact me with your Ravelry ID and I will add you to my list. 

I finished a rainbow sock for me!  I love this sock.  The yarn is 'What Does It Mean?' by Turtlepurl yarns

What's this?  Is that a sock toe?  Why, yes it is.  I have had lots of requests from knitters who would like me to design a toe-up sock pattern, so my next design will be toe-up.  I sometimes knit toe up when I am knitting socks for myself or as a gift, but weirdly it has just never occurred to me to design a toe-up pattern.   It will also incorporate colour work and cables.  This will be a fun design. 

I hope you have had a great knitting week.  I would love to see or hear about what you are working on.  Share in the comments or tag me on social media (I am knitalot924 everywhere) so I can ooh and aah over it.

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