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WIP Wednesday With a Few Sneak Peeks

There is not a lot of knitting going on this week.  I have caught the plague from one of my kids and I am currently nesting on the sofa surrounded by tissues, books, knitting and the remote for the TV.  I know sick days mean extra knitting time for a lot of knitters, but there is a brain fog accompanying this plague that is causing me to have a very short attention span.  

I did get a whopping 2 rows done on Cecily.  That's over 1340 stitches, so that's actually not bad.  I moved this project to longer needles and I am really liking the Addi Turbo Rockets that I am using. This is the first time I have ever used Addis.  

I have turned the heel on my rainbow socks.  I tried it on and after one more grey section I will be able to start shaping the toe.  I have a couple of conference calls today so I should be able to get a few rows in while I am dialed in.  

The second sock of my new 'Moriarty' design is moving along nicely.  The tech editor has finished with it and the test knitters are testing the pattern now.  I am aiming for a mid-April release. 
And here is a sneak peak of a pattern that is being released on April 1st.  It was previously published by a 3rd party and the rights revert back to me this month. 

I designed a skirt!  Sunday Brunch is in the April 2016 issue of  I Like Knitting magazine.

I hope you have had a great knitting week.
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