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The only time I watch TV is when I am knitting (as long as the pattern is not complicated).  I have been knitting a lot lately -  I have four design deadlines in the first 2 months of 2016 - so I have watched a lot of TV lately.  
We don't have traditional cable TV, we cut the cable cord about 6 years ago.  We have an Apple box which gives us access to Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, A&E, various sports and news channels and other specialty channels.  In addition to the Apple box, we stream Shomi, BBC, ITV , CBC, CTV and other stations.   
Here are a few recommendations based on everything I have watched lately.  I have included where I watched/streamed them.
1.  Making a Murderer - Netflix - this is a very thought provoking and intriguing 10 part documentary series.  The Husbeast and I were so into this that we binge watched it in less than a week. 
2. Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix - This is an adult version of the Marvel comic.  It stars Krysten Ritter who happens to be an avid knitter (because the coolest people always are) and David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) plays the bad guy. 
3. Transparent - Shomi (Amazon TV for my American friends) -  This series is great.  It reminds me of the series Parenthood, but a little more grown up and a lot more dysfunctional.  Basically a family with serious boundary issues dealing with secrets, transitions and adulting.  The characters aren't particularly likeable, (as in there is not one that I would want to be friends with) but if you are into watching the intimate details of other people's lives, this is a show for you. 
4. Doctor Who - Netflix - no explanation needed.  A show we enjoy as a family as we are all Whovians.
5. Coronation Street - ITV (CBC in Canada) - Don't judge me.  I have been watching this since I was born (literally) and I have *never* missed an episode.
6. Broadchurch - Netflix - I recently watched season 2 of this series.  The American version was called Gracepoint.  The subject matter makes it a difficult show to watch, but I wanted to watch the follow up season and see how the families in the town were coping in the aftermath of the tragedy.  Once again, David Tennant stars and so does Arthur Darvill (Rory from Doctor Who).
7. Midsomer Murders - Netflix - this is completely mindless TV for when I have limited mental capacity and just want something light to follow while I knit. 
What have you been watching lately?  Can you recommend any good shows to knit with? 
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