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Help Me Choose A Pattern

If you are in one of the places in the US or Canada that was hammered by the monster blizzard this past weekend, I hope you are safe, warm and have enough yarn to see you through.
I am almost finished the last of the 4 design commissions I have been working on.  I expect to have the last project off my needles today and in the mail at the end of the week.  To celebrate, I want to cast on a new hat.  My good friend, Anna from Mythic Yarn dyed this yarn especially for me - it is one of my favourite colour combinations.
This yarn happens to match my Stripe Study Shawl perfectly, so I would like to knit a matching hat. 
Here are two very poor-quality photos of my Stripe Study Shawl.  This is one of my favourite shawls and I wear it a lot.  I will wear it even more when I have a matching hat.   

The yarn is a fingering weight variegated.  My first instinct is to knit the Sockhead hat, but then I think that a garter stitch hat might be a nicer match, since the shawl is garter stitch.  I really want to knit Galactic Hat, but it is written for worsted weight and I am feeling too lazy to rework it for fingering weight.  I looked through other knitters' projects, and there doesn't seem to be a fingering weight one yet, but the pattern is still very new.  Or, I could do something like Cape Point Hat - I could flip it inside out so it is reverse stockinette (which will sort of complement the garter stitch in the shawl). 

What do you think?  Which hat should I knit? I am really leaning toward the Sockhead hat. I love the Galactic Hat, but this may not be the yarn for that pattern.  Thoughts? Ideas? Is there a hat pattern that I have missed that would look great with this shawl?  Let me know. 

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