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Holiday and Charitable Knitting

We celebrate Christmas in our family.  This is our Christmas tree; the kids decorated it yesterday.  

A lot of knitters are busily knitting Christmas and holiday gifts right now.  The pressure is on with less than 4 weeks to go before the big day. I am not one of those knitters.  

I do not do Christmas knitting.  Does that make me a bad knitter?  I have opted out of Christmas knitting because: 
  • The pressure of finding the right patterns and yarns for multiple people, then finding the time to knit the gifts is too stressful for me
  • I do not need any more deadlines in my life
  • I barely have time to knit the 300+ items in my queue as it is
  • It is not feasible for me to knit for everyone .  Some people I love would be left out and that would make me feel bad
I do knit for my loved ones.  I just choose not to attach the gift of knitting to a holiday or special occasion.  If I knit for you, I like you a lot.  That's the only reason I need.  

Lots of knitters are also busy with charitable knitting this time of year. Collectively, fibre artists are a generous and giving community. We are good people with big hearts who really step up for a good cause.  While I knit for charities on occasion, I more often donate yarn to knitters and the causes they knit for.  

Here are some charitable knitting opportunities that I have noticed this year: 
These are only 3 of the many, many charitable knitting and crocheting opportunities out there.  If you have a charitable knitting cause that is close to your heart please leave it in the comments so knitters and crocheters can find it and also, let me know what you are knitting this holiday season.  
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