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WIP Wednesday

This is the only project I have been working on this week. 

It is a hat. 

Actually, it is two hats connected at the brim - the conjoined twins of hats. Both are knit in fingering weight and one fits nicely inside the other resulting in a warm, double thick reversible hat that happens to match my favourite cowl. 

I am almost done, just one more pattern repeat and I can start the crown decreases. One hat is plain stockinette and the other has a stitch pattern that uses yarnovers so that the colour of the hat underneath it will show through. Pattern is my own. 

I would have liked to knit on a few of my other projects, but school started this week and we are all finding our way back to our not-summer-routine. 

It may be 40 degrees Celsius today, but when cooler weather arrives I will be ready. 
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