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Too Much of a Good Thing...

This is the state of my wrist as of this morning: 

That's one of my wrist braces.  I was working on a sock  this weekend, and apparently I overdid it.  Knitting small circumference in the round really takes a toll on my wrists and I should have either taken more breaks or switched to a project on larger needles for a while.   It hurts so badly now I can't even stretch it.  

I will be resting my wrist for the next few days, taking some anti-inflammatories and making a visit to my physiotherapist this afternoon.  

These are the cause of my pain:
New socks! Tentatively called Tic Tac Toe, they have a slipped stitch pattern that creates lots of little squares and compliments the variegations in variegated yarn.  Here is a close up of the stitch pattern;
This stitch pattern is surprisingly tight.  It did not seem this tight when I swatched it.  Because of the lack of stretch, I have to go up a circumference size to get it to fit me.  I knit it to fit my Husbeast but because of the lack of stretch, it fits me.  This keeps happening.  The poor guy just wants socks but they always seem to fit me instead of him...

The prototype is almost finished, the pattern is almost written, but all knitting is now on hold for a few days while I tend to my wrist.  

Learn from my mistakes, people!  Take breaks.  Stretch.  Alternate between projects and needle sizes. Listen to your body.  

Happy Knitting! 
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