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WIP Wednesday

I finished my Solar Vortex Socks over the weekend.  The testers are just finishing up and I expect to release it on Friday:

 My Cecily Twinset was only out of its project bag for one evening, but I  managed to add a few (very long) rows.  It still looks the same:

I am exactly halfway through my Hitchhiker scarf.  I plan on doing the traditional 42 teeth, and today I added the 21st tooth.  I know it's not really halfway since each row gets longer as the pattern progresses,so there will be way more stitches to knit in the 2nd half of the scarf, but according to the rules I have made up in my mind, I have just hit the halfway mark :)  Crazy knitter logic!
And I began swatching for something new this week - 3 needle sizes later and I am finally getting a fabric I like.  I am designing my first skirt!
Happy Knitting!
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