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Bear with me, I am blogging from my phone today as we are up at the cottage enjoying sun, lake and fresh air for a week.  Of course I was sure to pack the essentials:
That is my big box of knitting projects.  In addition to the two car loads of essentials I packed to get us through a week away, I packed all the knitting because I am ambitious.  I also packed my knitting first because I have priorities. 

I envisioned all the knitting I would get done:  a pair of socks, a market bag, most of the Cecily Twinset I have been working on and maybe a Hithhiker scarf if I had time. Clearly I really needed to get away, because those are seriously delusional thoughts.  

The reality is that we spend most of our days in and around the water.  Water and knitting don't really mix so my knitting stays in the cottage. Also there is lots of eating happening.  It is really difficult to knit and scoff down an entire (family size) bag of Miss Vickies Chips at the same time.  Trust me, I have tried.  The yarn gets greasy.

At night we have a campfire - not conducive to knitting - then hangout inside the very dimly lit cottage.  The cottage is beautiful and bright during the day thanks to the huge picture windows everywhere, but there is a serious lack of artificial lighting at night. This cottage was neither designed by nor for knitters.   

I have managed to squeeze in some knitting time here and there though.  Here are the socks I am working on:
And the Cecily Twinset:
And the birth of a Hitchhiker:
There is also a market bag in progress, but it has not seen a lot of action this week.   

As much as I hate to say it, some things are more important than knitting. Let's take a deep breath and let that sink in. 

Having fun with the family, hanging out in the water with the kids, and getting eaten alive by nature around a campfire are all fleeting moments that I will miss when they are gone.

The knitting isn't going anywhere. It won't grow up and go off to University. It won't decide that it is too cool to be seen hanging out with me in public.  It can take a backseat to all the things that do change and that need to be appreciated and nurtured now. 
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