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Lost My Knitting Mojo

It was scary this past week.  I lost my knitting mojo.  I went several days in a row without even picking up my needles.  Worst of all I was that I was indifferent to my lack of interest. 

I was living my life, busy as usual, and the times that I would normally pick up a project and knit, relax and recoup my sanity, I didn't.  I mono-tasked (the only phrase I can think of to mean the opposite of multi-task).  I only watched TV, I only read a book, I only spoke on the phone.  I just did one thing at a time.  I never do that.  I am a busy bee.  Always multi-tasking.  On the upside, it gave my wrist a nice rest and as a result my wrist-health is better than it has been in years.

My mojo is back (Yay!!) so I haven't bothered to delve too deeply into the reason(s) that my mojo may have disappeared, but I suspect it is because I was not excited about anything that I had on the needles. 

I had been plugging away on my Tea with Jam and Bread, but now that I am on the last sleeve and it looks like I won't get a chance to wear it before the cold weather disappears, I have lost my enthusiasm for it.  I still love it, just not as urgently as I loved it 2 weeks ago. 

Here is a pic of my almost-finished sweater:

 Since this photo was taken, I have finished the right sleeve and have started the left. 

I was also working on a pair of socks, but the pattern did not suit the yarn, so I frogged them and started over with  an improvised lattice design:

I am still not in love with them, but this incarnation is better than the last.  I think I love this yarn so much (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in 'Icehouse') that there may not be a pattern worthy of this yarn.  The more I knit it though, the more this lattice pattern is growing on me. 
I was also working on a shawl that I had mixed feelings about.  I loved the lace portion (it took me 8 tires to get this lace pattern to a place where I love it) but I am second guessing the shape and construction of the rest of the shawl.  It will be ripped out tonight.  Here is a picture of it before I frog it:


It's not a great picture - does not do the lace justice and it is not blocked.  I have a vision in my head though and the finished shawl will be amazing.  The yarn is MadelineTosh, ToshSock in 'Cedar'.
I hope to have a finished project in the next week.  Then I can cast on something else.  I limit myself to 3 WIPs so I need to finish one of these to start something new.  I am thinking of casting on Twister .  I have some lots of discontinued Mission Falls Cotton in a lovely sage green that I think would be an awesome Twister. 
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