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I Bought a Mannequin!

I am so excited! 

Target is leaving Canada (our relationship with them did not work out - I still love Target in the US - but having them move in was a bad idea.) 

Anywhoooo, they are selling their fixtures and fittings.  I put my name down in January at my local Target and yesterday they called to tell me they were ready to sell fixtures.  It was first come, first serve. I got there as quickly as I could.  I bought  one full-body mannequin (Amy - after Amy Pond - we are Doctor Who fans) and two legs (unnamed). 

There is no elegant way to carry a mannequin.   No matter how respectful and careful you try to be, carrying a mannequin, then ripping her arms off and cramming her into your car has a distinct creep factor to it. 

Amy is a size 6.  I am a size six (ish) but Amy looks really thin to me.  She is also very tall and her legs are disproportionately much longer than her torso.  Amy is not your typical woman.  This makes me sad. Target Canada had no plus sized mannequins (I asked). The associate told me they never had any plus-sized mannequins.  This also makes me sad. 

I also bought two legs, which will be great sock models
They came with the dusty, neon, fishnets.  I have since removed them. 

I feel good about this purchase, I saved several hundred dollars over ordering a brand new mannequin (mannequins are expensive investments) and I have a new, different-to-me option for styling and photographing knitwear. 
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  1. Great deal Dana! It will make it so nice for taking your own pictures rather than trying to model and direct someone else. My husband will take pictures for me but he's not very patient about doing it.