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I Have a Very Active Socks Life

See what I did there?  With the title? I am punny today. 

I have three projects on the needles right now.  All of them are socks.  I have this pair of Doctor Who socks which are for my Husbeast
The plan is that this year all four of us will be getting a pair of socks in this yarn.  I decided to do the biggest pair first.  The yarn is Felici by KnitPicks in the TimeTraveller  colourway. I am knitting these ones toe up.  This is a big deal since we are heel flap and gusset people and the logic of heel flaps worked from the toe up continues to mystify me. I cannot wrap my head around increasing the gussets.  This is due to making cuff-down socks from the time I was a wee girl.  So I improvised.  I knit a 'sole flap' instead of a heel flap, did a short-row heel and picked up the sole-flap stitches to form the gussets. I don't know if this is already a thing or if I invented it.  I will take photos when I do the next sock to explain it more clearly. 

I also have this Valentine's Day inspired sock that I cast on last night 
That is very bright fluorescent yarn. It makes me squint when I knit with it. I will be pairing it with a slightly less bright purple so I don't blind people when I take my shoes off. 

My third sock project is more than halfway done but it is top secret and super special so I am not allowed to show photos of the yarn or the design, but all will be revealed in good time.
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