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In Case of Emergency Break Glass

So I made a dozen of these last night...little Christmas gifts for my yarnie friends.  I think they are really cute.  I will probably keep one for myself.  I was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest of a shadow box full of yarn that said, "In case of Emergency Break Glass" and decided that I could totally downsize it and make it Christmas-y.

I feel like I have lots of knitting on the go but have not actually finished anything in a long time.  I did finish a sock, but I will be submitting it for potential publication so I can't show it to anybody yet - except the people who live with me and they are probably tired of looking at the thing and being forced to admire it.  I also have another almost completed sock that is also for submission so I can't brag about that one either.  I know most designers submit sketches, schematics and swatches, but I feel compelled to make the FO first so that I know the pattern is feasible and will result in a FO that is the same as what I envision in my head; so my process is a bit long.

We had a nice break in the weather today.  Unseasonably warm and a little bit of sun peeking through the clouds, so of course I grabbed my camera and some FOs and ran outside to photograph them in natural daylight, you know,  like you do.  I am sure that in my neighbourhood I am the crazy lady who photographs knitted things in trees, on shrubs, on fenceposts, etc.   And yet I am still not the quirkiest neighbour in our 'hood.

I took a few photos of Happy Feet.  It has been re-written, tech edited, and will be re-released this week.  One of my favourite patterns to knit because it is so quick and cozy.
I knit them in a pretty plum colour this time.  Love these house socks.
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