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Christmas Knitting

'Tis the season to knit all the gifts!  I actually don't do much Christmas knitting any more.  I have whittled my list down a lot.  A. Lot. Like, I only knit 2 actual Christmas gifts in total.  Not because of a lack of knit-worthy people in my life - I am surrounded by appreciative recipients of knitted gifts.  I would just rather knit what I want, when I want and for whom I want without the pressure of a deadline.  If I like you and you like knitted goods there is probably a gift in your future; just not at Christmas time.

I do still knit Christmas gift for two of my girls because it is a tradition.  And they are smallish gifts - boot cuffs and socks.  
Socks in progress

Reversible boot cuffs

I applaud all the knitters who choose to knit lots of Christmas gifts.  It is admirable and generous of you.  But I don't miss it.  Not even a little bit. 

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