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Happy November!

I love this time of year!

If, like me, you happen to live in the northern hemisphere and in a colder climate, then this is our time of year!  This is when we shine!   This is when we are most relevant; personally, I think we're relevant all the time, but from a mainstream societal perspective, this is definitely our season.

It's finally chilly enough to wear all our knitted things and enjoy them and show them off and get compliments about how talented we are and and how creative we are and how beautiful our knitting is...it's all true, by the way - we're awesome!

It's also the time of year when lots of us are buried under a pile of knitting projects with a deadline of December 25th.  I don't knit for the holidays, but if you do, good luck and we'll see you on the other side of December. If you're hoping to surprise some people with hand knit socks, I wrote a post a while ago that might help you out.

Happy knitting!
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