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Knitting Resolutions

This pretty much sums up my knitting goals for 2016.  I plan to spend more of my knitting time knitting personal projects and a little less on design work.  I came up with a schedule so that I could spend weekends focused on personal knitting. Unfortunately, I have over extended myself with publishing work in December and January, (4 designs in 2 months for 3 different publications) but I will be back on track February 1st.  

I really want to finish my Cecily Twinset, knit some socks for some people and start a Ten Stitch blanket using my box of scrap sock yarn.  I tried the mitred square blanket, but I found the squares boring after a while.  Now I have a small bag of them stuffed in a closet.

I don't really have any other resolutions for 2016. I don't make lifestyle resolutions; I generally like myself the way I am.

What are your knitting resolutions for 2016? 
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