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Knitting Confessions

Knitting is an art.  There is not right or wrong in knitting, only whether the knitter is happy with the end result of his or her efforts.  I believe that everybody is weird.  We all have varying degrees of weirdness and some of us can tuck in our weirdness a little better than others, but at our core we are a collection of quirky individuals and that's what makes us wonderful! Here are some of my weird knitterly quirks:

  1. I love to swatch.  It gets me excited for the project I am about to knit, kind of in the same way the appetizer at a restaurant gets me excited for the main course.  
  2. I like to keep my swatches.  They are pinned to a large cork board in my office.  (some swatches become part of the finished project, so those ones I do not have on the corkboard)
  3. I keep all my leftover yarn.  I have boxes of them.  Sometimes I use them for swatching.  
  4. Even though I have been knitting socks and turning heels for 30+ years, every heel I turn still feels slightly magical
  5. Ditto for Kitchener stitching sock toes. 
  6. I have at least 50 skeins of self-striping sock yarn. 
  7. In addition to a compulsion for self-striping sock yarn, I also have a compulsion for discontinued yarns and one-of-a-kind skeins.  Basically if it is discontinued or limited edition I will buy it. 
  8. I have been toying with putting a destash page on this website to thin the hoard a bit. 
  9. Plain vanilla socks are my favourite thing to knit.  They never get boring to me.  Hence number 6.
  10. I don't really like knitting fair isle or intarsia.  I think both are beautiful to look at, but I don't enjoy the process.  I love mosaic knitting though. 
  11. Wine affects my gauge. 
  12. I am a selfish knitter.  I keep at least 90% of what I make.
  13. I dislike seaming.  
  14. I think bobbles look like nipples.
So there you have it, some of my knitterly quirks.  Do you have any knitting confessions you'd like to make?
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