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Too Sick to Knit

So, apparently one can become too sick to knit.  I have an awful cold/throat infection/ear infection/fever combo that has literally knocked me off my feet.  The thought of even knitting something simple like stockinette stitch or plain garter is overwhelming right now.  The past few days I have mostly just laid around feeling sorry for myself and watching Netflix.

Prior to the viral-infection-from-Hell, I picked up my Cecily Twinset again and I am almost finished the first lace insert:
I love it.  It is going to look so pretty when it is blocked!

Here's how the entire cardigan is looking so far:
As modelled by the lovely Stella (we name our mannequins).  Fingering weight sweaters take a long time, people!

I also have some stash enhancement this week.  Knitpicks brought Felici back for a limited time in some limited colourways.  Felici has some strange power over me.  I become weak when it is available and have to order it.  As one knitter observed on Twitter, Felici has become the McRib of the yarn world.

So I ordered this:
My favourite is the 'Baker Street' colourway - I am a huge "Sherlock" fan, Husbeast picked the purple for socks for him and I picked the green for socks for me.  The orange is from the Knitpicks Dishie line.  I have never used Dishie, and it was on sale so I thought it was a good opporunity to try it out.  I have an idea for a market bag that this might work well for.  And a couple of little double-sided crochet hooks.  I use them as zipper pulls on all my Filofaxes (another expensive hobby I have) so that I always have access to them in case of  a dropped stitch.

Hopefully next week this viral-infection-from-Hell will be gone and I will have gotten some more knitting done.

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