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My newest pattern, Lazy Daisy, is almost ready for release.  It is with the tech editor right now and I still need to clean up the photos for the pattern page - I am excited about this photoshoot because I will get to use the new mannequin feet I bought!  A weird thing to get excited about, I know.

I apologize for the photo quality, this is an iphone photo. 

These socks are freaking adorable!  They have little daisies embroidered all over them.  The daisy embroidery is really easy and I will be posting a phototutorial on my website when the pattern is released.  I have already created a 'Phototutorial' page in preparation for it.  

The yarn is by my friend, Anna, over at Mythic Yarn.  It is her 'Leprechaun Barf' colourway and it screams "SPRING!!!"

Funny little story about the name of this pattern; it was originally called "Daisy Chain" until my husband looked over my shoulder while I was working on the written pattern and enlightened me as to the 'urban dictionary' meaning of the term daisy chain.  I am, apparently, more naive than I thought.  

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