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I am a sockblocker convert.  I absolutely ♥ my new sockblockers.  In all my years of knitting socks (a lot of years) I have never blocked a pair of socks.  I always dismissed sockblockers as unnecessary.  I held fast in my opinion that socks and hats are self blocking - they will conform to the shape of the wearer's feet and head.  I still believe that, but hand knit socks stretched over a sockblocker is a pretty sight and makes admiring the socks so much easier than walking around lifting people's pant legs and trying to remove their shoes.  I joke.

These are my sockblockers.  I went with Steel.  I like their minimalist look.  There are many lovely artisanal sockblockers made of wood (see Etsy) and some pretty, functional plasic sockblockers too that come in funky colours.  I really fell for the stainless steel, though.  And since I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl, I bought all the sizes.  I purchased mine at Webs.  This was my first time ordering from Webs and they were quick to ship and it was a great experience - except for the part where customs held up my order and held my sockblockers hostage at the border for ransom taxes and I would order from them again.
my sockblockers in action

I like them so much I have this crazy plan of knitting a bunch (6) of funky-awesome one of a kind socks and hanging them on a wall in my home as a knitterly/yarnie art installation.  Maybe in the home office?  Hallway leading to the laundry room?  Because having an entire room devoted to my craft is apparently not enough.
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