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WIP Wednesday - Show and Tell Edition

I am still working on exactly the same projects that I was working on last week.  Hopefully next week's WIPs will be a bit more interesting.
Since there isn't much to share with you by way of WIPs, I thought I would share some recent stash enhancement....
This maple leaf themed project bag is made by lovely and talented Art-By-Ana Handmade. I ordered it on Boxing Day, and I love it.  The quality is awesome and the bag is beautiful!  Ana also does a line of hand dyed yarns in her other Etsy shop.  Everything she makes is beautiful.
This project bag was made by my Instagram friend, Kelly.  She gifted me this beautiful bag as a part of the #GetYourYarnWishesGranted movement that happened over the holidays on Instagram.  She knows I am a Doctor Who fan and that my favourite colour is green and she made this especially for me.  I adore this bag.  It is inspired by the Doctor Who episode with Van Gogh and Starry night.  Kelly is a very talented artist.  You can find more of her creations in her Etsy store.
It's bigger on the inside *Doctor Who joke* The inside is a nice bright yellow fabric with stars (so I can acutally see stuff in there).  It currently houses the blue socks that I am working on.
Lastly, when I was cruising around Etsy on Boxing Day, I checked in at the Turtlepurl shop and she had one skein of sock yarn in her 'Trench Coat' colourway. *swoon*.  I have been lusting after this yarn for months.  Every time I checked, she never had any in stock (She might have had a few skeins in worsted, but my heart was set on the sock yarn).  So I ordered it and it came home to me a few days ago.  I will be casting this on later this week and it will be living in my Maple Leaf bag.  It knits up into Burberry stripes.  These socks will be for me.

It's so pretty, I am almost sad to knit with it because I will miss looking at it and because I am weird and get attached to yarn. 

I hope you have had a great knitting week.  I would love to see what you are working on. 

*The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are unsolicited*
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