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Happy Mail

I ordered 4 Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries from the Knitpicks book sale.  I have always wanted these Barbara Walker books.  They were $18 USD each (about $28 CAD).  Despite the fact that our dollar is so weak right now compared to the US dollar, they were still a bargain as I usually see these books for $50 (paperpack) to $90 (hardcover) in Canadian book stores.  Also, I cannot complain about paying $7 to ship 4 heavy books. 
They are so inspiring and I love to read the text at the beginning of the books.  If you are on Periscope, I will be doing a show and tell of these books later today  (I am Knitalot924 on Periscope). 
I also have Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting book, so I will show and tell that during the Periscope as well.
I received a beautiful project bag from my Instagram friend, Lindsay.  This was part of the #GetYourYarnWishesGranted movement on Instagram over the holidays.  I sent Lindsay some lovely Felici since they cannot get it in her country and she has always wanted to try it.  I  love Doctor Who and this bag currently houses a scarf that I am working on. 
Here is what it looks like on the inside:

If you have any favourite knitting books or stitch dictionaries, I would love to hear about them. I am always interested in good knitting books. 
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  1. I may have just ordered Volumes 1 and 2 as the result of reading this post! I couldn't leave them there for that price - less than half what they cost on Amazon, and a very good use of some Christmas money I wasn't sure what to buy with.

  2. Those books are my absolutely favorite! I think for a solid month I just read them instead of knitting when I first bought them. The spines of mine are fading now, though.

    1. The spines on mine will be faded soon as well... :)